Equestrian Saddle Ink I' ArtPlexi
Equestrian Saddle Ink I' ArtPlexi

Equestrian Saddle Ink I' ArtPlexi


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The powerful beasts in 'Equestrian Saddle Ink PPI' represent true freedom. Broken color atop the dramatic tones and a monumental scale embellish. Embrace the animalistic nature and incredible beauty when you add it to your space.

Frameless and ultra modern... ArtPlexi really brings images to life; a guaranteed talking point with visitors. The surface is clear polished and adhered precisely to the fine ink print allowing the color and metallic attributes to transcend through the reflective nature providing a great depth of field. The rear hanging system is only visible at an angle, and allows the ArtPlexi to appear as floating on your wall – creating a sleek statement.

Ready2HangArt is a USA based vertical decorative art firm seeking to enhance people’s surroundings with innovative designs, extraordinary quality, and unparalleled value. Proudly ‘Made in America’ R2H makes #decoratingsimplified

Model No. PP1