Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Fall is officially here, and our senses (and bellies) are full of EVERYTHING pumpkin! The moods have changed along with the weather, and should we even talk about the time change? Your right, nope we are not going there.

But. I will tell you where we ARE going, and that is how these changes are organically altering our natural sense of decorating! Seriously, have you by chance noticed any habit changes when setting the dinner table, or buying flowers? Cause I have!! Fall is one of the only times a year you can find Eucalyptus in Markets. I know, it's so neutral but I just love it. My Aunt Luz Marina got me hooked years ago! She taught me the best Old Wives Trick! So, take note… after you cook something stinky like Fish, get a few eucalyptus leaves and boil them in some water. The natural steam creates an amazing aroma and eliminates odors! Now Ladies & Gents that kitchen hint is a total keeper!  

 Anyhow, back to the good stuff; Decorating.

At R2h we’ve kicked off the season by filling our space with fun Fall vibes. We created a Fall window display and had wayyy to much fun putting it together! Val, Tara and myself constructed it with a Canvas Teepee, strung it with lights, and then accented with a few Olivia Rose Literary Quotes in warm wood grains and general elements from our space. Seriously, sometimes those small things make all the difference. Now we are able to enjoy our Tea and Pumpkin Crumpets from @Nina’sFreshBakery that much more! Hehehehe

In close, this Autumn we’re loving everything Rustic, Farmhouse meets Glam with Warm Natural Wood Grains, Browns, Golds and Warm Modern Landscapes. Get it here @ready2hangart

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